Compare the New Hyundai Kona to Subcompact SUV Competition in Friendswood, TX

Finding the right hybrid or electric car means doing a lot of research and planning out a model that fits your lifestyle. Each one offers an efficient experience with loads of features, but picking out the right one? That can be difficult. Ron Carter Hyundai is here to help make the process easier by comparing and contrasting similar models, and to show you why the Hyundai Ioniq comes out a bit ahead of the competition.

Hyundai Ioniq vs. Toyota Prius

  • The Hyundai Ioniq comes with three different hybrid engines including an all-electric option. The Toyota Prius only provides one hybrid option. The Toyota will continue to rely on its gas-power while the Hyundai gives you the option to switch things up.

  • Both models can go for a long while, but the Hyundai manages to go a bit farther on the highway for an estimated 59 mpg while the Toyota Prius can only do about 53 mpg.

  • The interior should be cozy for you and your passengers. The Hyundai Ioniq offers up to 96.2 cubic feet of space to stretch out while the Prius only manages 93.14 cubic feet.

  • Smartphone integration is standard on the Hyundai Ioniq from both Apple and Android. The Toyota only works with Apple enthusiasts.

Hyundai Ioniq vs. Nissan Leaf

  • Both lineups offer all-electric engine options. However, if you want to travel farther and longer a hybrid engine offers both electric and gas options and typically lasts longer on the road than just an electric engine. The Hyundai Ioniq offers hybrid and electric options, so you have more options to choose from.

  • Passenger volume is important when picking out a hybrid sedan. The Hyundai Ioniq comes standard with 96.2 cubic feet while the Nissan Leaf comes with only 92.4 cubic feet of space.

  • The Hyundai sedan comes standard with a seven-inch touchscreen and smartphone integration from Apple and Android. To get these same features on the Nissan Leaf, you need to upgrade to a more expensive trim level.


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