Tackle the Buy vs. Lease Decision Confidently at Ron Carter Hyundai

Confidence with financing a vehicle is essential, as this decision is never one to take lightly. To streamline this process and discover the right option for you, our team at Ron Carter Hyundai assembled the top considerations for both purchase and lease offers on new Hyundai models!

Review the nuances of financing to feel good about your decision when considering whether to buy or lease a new Hyundai sedan or SUV at our dealer location in Friendswood, TX.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ownership - When you buy a vehicle, you get to enjoy outright ownership privilege. This allows for flexibility and freedom from restrictions that other financing avenues and contractual agreements may commit you to
  • Unlimited Mileage - This ownership theme extends to the mileage you can accrue, as there's no limit to the numbers that build on your odometer when choosing to buy a vehicle outright
  • Customization - Thinking about upgrading your vehicle's components or adding accessories for an individualized touch? When you decide to buy a vehicle from our new Hyundai lineup, plan on customizing to your liking
  • Resale Value - Purchasing a vehicle allows you to establish equity over time. Once your auto loan is paid off, this vehicle will carry worth for a future trade-in and establish a resale value. The better your maintain this vehicle, the higher you can expect these numbers to rise

Reasons to Lease

  • Lower Payments - Lease plans typically come with zero down payments and a smaller monthly payment number, extending excellent value for budget-oriented shoppers who still appreciate the look and feel of a new Hyundai model
  • New Hyundai Perks - Drivers that choose to lease a new Hyundai model get to still operate a vehicle with the latest in brand technology, active safety, cabin comfort and design innovation
  • End-of-Lease Outlook - You have multiple options when your lease agreement comes to a close, keeping you flexible over a short period when selecting this finance option. Purchase your lease vehicle at a lower rate, move on from the lease agreement altogether and begin considering new Hyundai models to lease from our updated lineup
  • Minimal Repair Costs - As lease terms tend to be shorter and mileage restrictions prevent excess driving, you can expect less of a servicing cost burden and minimal repairs to account for

Reach out to Consult with our Finance Experts Today

The buy vs. lease decision comes down to what financing factors - detailed above for necessary insight - you value the most. Our finance team can help you make this decision and consider personal elements for this new Hyundai shopping experience. Give us a call or stop by for your formal consultation today!