Selling your car with Ron Carter Hyundai is Fast, Easy, and Fun! Sell us your car today!
Not only do we offer no-haggle top-dollar pricing for your vehicle, we'll even beat the best offer from CarMax, Texas Direct Auto and Autotrader by $500* or we will pay you $500 Cash within 10 days of competitor's bid or appraisal - GUARANTEED!!  WE WILL BUY YOUR CAR TODAY! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!!


Sell Us Your Car in Houston

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The Best Place to Sell Your Old Car or Truck

When it comes time to sell a used car, truck, or SUV, in Houston, there are more than a few great reasons to sell to Ron Carter Hyundai.

Why Sell Your Car or Truck to Ron Carter Hyundai

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No Hassle Car Selling

We'll purchase your car or truck even if you don't intend to buy one from our dealership. So whether you only want to sell your car or truck, or if you'd prefer to trade in for a new one, we can help.

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Schedule Your Inspection

Stop by for a convenient inspection at our Houston area dealership.

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Get a Check On The Spot

No need to wait! Once your appraisal is finalized, we will hand you a check. You can even use the amount towards the purchase of a new car.

The Benefits of Trading-In to a Dealer vs Private Selling

Less Time, Less Hassle

Selling your car privately can certainly be a big hassle. Unless you have a buyer, chances are, you will have to put in some real time. This often means running classified ads, listing your car online, fielding unidentified phone calls, and taking strangers home for a test drive. Plus, private buyers are generally far more concerned that all parts are working perfectly. Trading or selling to your local dealership avoids these issues altogether.

Less Financing

When you trade-in or sell us your car or truck, Ron Carter Hyundai applies the purchase offer to the price of the car or truck to be purchased. This offset means a larger down payment and lower monthly payments.

Tax Savings

When you trade in a car or truck and purchase another one, you only need to pay tax on the difference between the cost of the new car and the one that you're trading in. Which means you keep more of your own money in your wallet.

benefits of selling a car or truck to dealership vs selling private

Frequently Asked Questions: Selling Your Car

Will the Dealer Buy My Car If I Am Still Paying Installments?

Certainly! We'll absolutely buy a vehicle even if you are still making payments on it.

Will I Get Cash For My Used Car From a Dealership?

Regretfully, we aren't able to give cash for a car or truck. We will issue you a check.

What's My Used Car Worth?

One of the best ways to discover just how much your car is worth is by filling out our online Trade-In Form, or by calling us today.

Sell Us Your Car in Houston | Ron Carter Hyundai

No purchase necessary with written bid or appraisal within 10 days! Written appraisal must be exact description, condition and all repairs must be documented. Written bid must be the original appraisal. Estimations will not be accepted. Total amount may include tax savings. In order to receive the $500 more for your trade offer, the vehicle must have a perfect Carfax and Autocheck. Ron Carter Hyundai has the right to refuse or deny the purchase of the vehicle when it is determined by the staff that the vehicle's bid is not an exact match, bad Carfax, been involved in an accident, open recalls or has a mileage discrepancy on the vehicle's history reports (CARFAX, AUTOCHECK).